SGS 2 video in 720p

Watch it in 720p. Holy gumballs, man. The SGS II has a killer cam.
An other minimalist screen. This is just pure awesome.
The ASUS Padfone. They're advertising a lifestlye, a feeling, and not bombing the viewer with tech specs and crap. Clever. Give it up for the ASUS marketing team!
It's amazing, what some ppl can achieve with android lockscreenz & homescreenz. This one is just amazing.

Minecraft on Xperia Play

Jesus. At least it's now WoW, but still. Some games are better "trapped" on a PC.

Plants vs. Zombies

Is available for android, via the Amazon AppStore. For Free. Just Today. Hurry!

Shadowgun techdemo

Console quality gaming on tablet. I'm sorry, did you see my jaw somewhere?
Android and Me: Samsung Galaxy Pro brings another portrait QWERTY handset into the mix
"The Samsung Galaxy Pro was unveiled today at the at Samsung SEA Forum in Singapore. The Samsung Galaxy Pro is the first Android handset from Samsung to sport a portrait QWERTY keyboard. The handset will feature"
I cropped the tech specs, because they don't really matter. Chances are, this phone is DOA. Why? Well, because android is optimized for touchscreen, more precisely touchscreen in portrait mode. The majority of the apps (except the games, of coure) are optimized for portrait mode. The Facebook app, the twitter app, almost everything. Those apps will FAIL miserably on a tiny landscape screen.

Too bad it is iOS only

Too bad its iPad & iPhone only, I'd love to try this one on my android. Did anyone else notice Duke Nukem and what looks to me like an angry bird @ around 0:53?

Google Maps Navigation for Android adds real-time traffic re-routing

Via Engadget:  
Google Maps Navigation becomes more of a threat to the traditional in-car GPS business seemingly on a daily basis, and they're taking another stab at it today with the addition of traffic re-routing capability in the Android app (which, while technically still in beta, is pretty darn solid) in both North America and Europe. Of course, Maps has had access to traffic information for a long time, so this is a natural progression -- and just as Google uses an interesting combination of sources (including phones) to cull that data, it's employing some smart schemes for re-routing that take into account both current and historical information about your route. The update's available today.
Well, as long as my phones battery dies after 4 hours of GPS (well yes, I could buy a car charger), I wouldn't really call them a threat to the in-car GPS system. Especially because Google Maps still needs an active net connetction, and that can cost you bigtime while traveling abroad.

The Mother of All Android Malware

"Openness – the very characteristic of Android that makes us love it – is a double-edged sword. Redditor lompolo has stumbled upon a perfect example of that fact; he’s noticed that a publisher has taken "… 21 popular free apps from the market, injected root exploits into them and republished." The really scary part? "50k-200k downloads combined in 4 days."
 Source. I'm really impressed by how quickly Google managed this problem. They found all the apps, yanked them out of the Market & from the affected phones, banned the developer. They notify you via e-mail, if your device has been affected, and fix your phone via an update (no, that is not a full OS update, it's not coming from the phone manufacturers).

Actually as it turns out, you can acess the "update" via the Android Market. Nice.

Blogger for android

Since I'm gonna be using this a _lot_, this seems to be a good place to start.

The blogger for android has a dead simple, yet attractive interface, and provides access to the basic blogger posting functions. You can write posts (though no option to format that text... at least bold&italic would be nice.), add tags, attach pictures -and for some godforsaken reason, your current location.

You can publish & save as draft (I managed to lose a post tough), and edit previous posts. Overall it is a nice app, and I kinda like it.

Ars Mobilica

I feel like the title needs some further explanation. With the smartphone era your mobile is more than just a mere tool to make calls with. (I'm writing these lines on my trustworthy HTC Desire, halfway trough my destination - on a bus).

Smartphones and the internet are part of your life, every day a bit more than the day before. The main goal of this blog is to give a place for my smartphone and net related ramblings.

The main topic will be android, smartphones, maybe some iOS and other web2 related news. Have fun reading it.