SGS 2 video in 720p

Watch it in 720p. Holy gumballs, man. The SGS II has a killer cam.
An other minimalist screen. This is just pure awesome.
The ASUS Padfone. They're advertising a lifestlye, a feeling, and not bombing the viewer with tech specs and crap. Clever. Give it up for the ASUS marketing team!
It's amazing, what some ppl can achieve with android lockscreenz & homescreenz. This one is just amazing.

Minecraft on Xperia Play

Jesus. At least it's now WoW, but still. Some games are better "trapped" on a PC.

Plants vs. Zombies

Is available for android, via the Amazon AppStore. For Free. Just Today. Hurry!

Shadowgun techdemo

Console quality gaming on tablet. I'm sorry, did you see my jaw somewhere?